The History and Evolution of Cannabis Strains

The History and Evolution of Cannabis Strains

Classic Strains: The Pioneers of Cannabis

Cannabis's journey can be traced back to strains that have now become classics in the world of cultivation. These strains are the backbone, the very foundation upon which modern strains stand. Think of Sensi Seeds' California Indica or the iconic Special Kush #1 by Royal Queen Seeds. These are strains that have consistently demonstrated resilience, potency, and a genuine connection to cannabis's ancestral roots. Classic strains were bred to ensure the survival of the plant and to cater to the varying needs of its users, be it the benefits of cannabis in modern medicine or simply the joys of recreational use.

The Evolution: Introducing Modern Marvels

With advancements in cultivation techniques, coupled with a deeper understanding of genetics, breeders began to experiment. The aim? To produce strains with higher THC potency, unique flavors, and resilient growth patterns.

Take the Gorilla Zkittlez Auto by Barney's Farm, for instance. This strain exemplifies the fusion of two heavyweight champions – the Gorilla and Zkittlez – combining both their strengths to offer users a euphoric, fruity experience. Similarly, Fast Buds' Smoothie Auto showcases the move towards strains designed for flavor connoisseurs, bursting with berry flavors and a creamy undertone.

The journey also saw the birth of strains like Blue Sunset Sherbert and Runtz Muffin by Barney's Farm, each offering an intricate blend of genetics, ensuring plants with robust growth and exceptional trichome production.

Moreover, as demand for medicinal cannabis grew worldwide, especially in regions like Malta, breeders began engineering strains with a balanced CBD to THC ratio. A testament to this shift is CBD 20:1 Auto by Fast Buds, promising therapeutic benefits without an overwhelming psychoactive effect.

Breeding for Resilience and Potency

While flavor and therapeutic benefits became breeding goals, there was also a move towards creating strains that were both potent and resilient. This trend is evident in strains like the Velvet Moon by Green House Seeds or DO-G by Ripper Seeds, each reflecting a genetic masterpiece designed to withstand various growing conditions while ensuring a potent yield.

Malta's Role in the Evolutionary Journey

In places like Malta, the evolution of cannabis has been particularly significant. As the island's cannabis community grew, so did the demand for strains tailored to its unique climate and cultivation challenges. Malta's cannabis seed bank industry, including our esteemed Seedz, recognized this need early on, working tirelessly to offer a diverse range of strains suitable for Maltese growers.

A Glimpse into the Future

With the ever-growing interest in cannabis's medicinal and recreational benefits, the future holds endless possibilities. Genetic modifications, sustainable cultivation practices, and the quest for the next "it" strain will undoubtedly keep breeders on their toes. As we look forward to what the future holds, one thing remains certain: the rich history of cannabis serves as a testament to the plant's adaptability and enduring appeal.

Nowadays you can find all sorts of strains, whether you choose to grow your own weed or buy from a local dispensary

Your Journey with Seedz

Now that you've embarked on this historical journey of cannabis strains, why not experience them firsthand? At Seedz, Malta's premium cannabis seed bank, we offer a personalised collection of both classic and modern strains. Dive deep into the world of cannabis cultivation and let your senses be captivated.

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