Top 25 Places in Malta

25 Quirky Spots in Malta Where Cannabis Enthusiasts Chill (Without Smoking in Public)

Malta, a sun-kissed archipelago nestled in the heart of the Mediterranean, is known for its stunning landscapes, historical sites, and crystal-clear waters. For those who appreciate the allure of cannabis, the island has become a haven, with cultivation now legalised. 

However, while you might be tempted to light up and savour the Maltese beauty, it's essential to remember that local laws prohibit public smoking. If you choose to indulge, always do so at your discretion and at your own risk. Ensure you're not drawing undue attention, becoming a nuisance to others, or breaking any laws. 

The only legal places to consume cannabis in Malta are within the confines of private property or the safety of your own home. That said, there's no harm in scoping out the most tranquil spots to relax with friends. Let’s explore some of the island's top chill-out destinations, always keeping discretion and respect at the forefront of our minds.

1. Top of the World, Gharghur

top of the world


As its name suggests, this vantage point offers breathtaking panoramic views, making you feel as if you're on top of the world. Located in Għargħur, one of Malta's highest points, this spot offers unobstructed views of the Mediterranean and the Maltese countryside. A peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle, it's an ideal location to sit back, breathe in the fresh air, and take in the expansive horizons.

2. White Rocks, Pembroke

White Rocks


What was once a British military barracks has now been reclaimed by nature and local graffiti artists. The derelict structures at White Rocks have been transformed into a colourful urban canvas, juxtaposed against the backdrop of azure waters. The labyrinthine remains offer numerous secluded spots, making it an eclectic location for those seeking both art and solitude.

3. Zion, Marsascala



Renowned for its laid-back vibes and reggae tunes, Zion Mscala is more than just a beach bar. It's a haven for those seeking a chilled atmosphere by the sea. With its hammocks, bean bags, and wooden decks overlooking the Mediterranean, it encapsulates the spirit of beachside relaxation.

4. Il-Foss Tal-Imdina 



Hidden beneath the historic city of Mdina lies a moat, known as Il-Foss. This often-overlooked spot offers a tranquil space amidst ancient stone walls and overhanging trees. Once a defensive trench for the Silent City, it's now a peaceful retreat, perfect for those seeking a quiet moment in the shadow of history.

5. Reggae Bar, St Paul's Bay

Reggae Bar


St. Paul's Bay, known for its beautiful coastal views, is home to this laid-back bar where reggae rhythms waft through the air. Offering a chilled-out ambiance, the Reggae Bar is a preferred spot for those looking to enjoy their evening with smooth tunes and scenic vistas. Whether you're lounging on the outdoor seats or dancing to the beats, it's a venue that promises relaxation and good vibes.

6. Dingli Cliffs

Dingli Cliffs


Perched at the highest point in Malta, Dingli Cliffs are a natural spectacle that offers breathtaking views of the open sea. With the waves crashing far below and the vast expanse of blue ahead, it’s hard not to feel a sense of serenity here. The cliffs make for a dreamy backdrop, especially during the golden hours of sunset. Imagine unwinding with the colours of the setting sun reflecting off the Mediterranean, painting the sky with hues of pink, orange, and purple. While this might seem like an inviting spot for a session, remember always to exercise discretion and ensure you're not a disturbance to other visitors.

7. Għajn Tuffieħa Bay

Ghajn Tuffieha


Nestled between rolling hills and rugged cliffs lies the hidden gem of Għajn Tuffieħa Bay. The bay's golden sands and pristine waters create a secluded haven away from the bustling tourist hotspots. The beach is flanked by natural rock formations, providing little nooks perfect for a quiet chat with friends. While the temptation to light up might be strong with the sound of gentle waves and the soft caress of sea breezes, it’s essential to remember the rules and respect the beauty of the environment.

8. Marsaxlokk



A visit to Marsaxlokk is like stepping back in time. This traditional fishing village is a vibrant tapestry of history, culture, and colour. As you stroll along the waterfront, the iconic, brightly coloured fishing boats (known as 'luzzus') bob gently in the crystal-clear waters. The Sunday fish market adds to the lively atmosphere, with locals haggling over the day's freshest catch. Marsaxlokk offers numerous quiet spots where you can sit back, relax, and soak in the tranquil surroundings. However, always be mindful and respect the local customs and traditions.

9. Mdina



Stepping into Mdina feels like you’ve entered another world. Known as the "Silent City", this ancient walled town exudes an aura of mystery and timelessness. Its narrow, winding streets, punctuated with palaces, chapels, and hidden courtyards, transport you to a bygone era. The bastions of Mdina provide sweeping views of the Maltese islands, making it a favourite spot for both locals and tourists. Amidst its mediaeval charm, find your quiet corner to chill, reflect, and converse, but always with an air of discretion, in reverence to its historical significance.

10. Buskett Gardens



A rare green oasis in Malta's arid landscape, Buskett Gardens offers a refreshing break from the sun-soaked coastlines. As the only woodland area on the island, the gardens provide a cool, shaded sanctuary perfect for relaxation. Majestic trees, chirping birds, and the gentle sound of flowing water from the nearby Verdala Palace create an idyllic setting. Whether you're sprawled on the grass for a picnic, wandering the trails, or simply enjoying the company of friends, Buskett Gardens ensures a day well spent. While the gardens may beckon with their tranquillity, always remember the importance of being a considerate visitor.

11. Mellieħa Bay

Mellieha Bay


If sandy shores and azure waters are what you seek, Mellieħa Bay is the spot for you. As Malta's largest sandy beach, it offers plenty of space for friends to come together. The gentle slope of the beach into the water makes it a favourite among families and water sports enthusiasts alike. The expansive beach, lined with cafes and eateries, provides the perfect backdrop for a day out with friends. However, with its popularity, it's important to be discreet and ensure you don't draw unnecessary attention.

12. Blue Grotto

Blue Grotto


Nature’s artistry is at its best at the Blue Grotto. This series of seven caves on the southern coast of Malta offers a mesmerising view of the sparkling blue waters juxtaposed against rugged rock formations. As sunlight hits the water, it creates a phantasmagoric play of light within the caves, making it a sought-after spot for boating and photography. While it's a picturesque place to hang out, always remember the area is frequented by families and tourists, so discretion is paramount.

13. St. Peter's Pool

St Peters Pool


Nature's craftsmanship shines through at St. Peter's Pool. This natural swimming hole, carved into the rocks, offers a unique setting for relaxation. With its crystal-clear waters and intriguing rock formations, it's a favourite spot for both swimmers and sunbathers. Diving off the rocks into the refreshing waters is a popular activity, and the pool's secluded location makes it a great spot for a chill session. However, as this natural beauty gains popularity, it's essential to respect the environment and be discreet in your activities.

14. Comino's Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon


The Blue Lagoon, situated between Comino and the islet of Cominotto, is a slice of Mediterranean paradise. The turquoise waters of this lagoon are some of the clearest you'll find anywhere in the world, often compared to tropical destinations. Beneath the surface, a myriad of marine life dances among the rocks, making it a snorkeler's dream. While it's a major hotspot for tourists, those in the know advise arriving at sunrise or during shoulder seasons. In these moments, the Blue Lagoon transforms from a bustling spot to a serene oasis, where the only sounds are the gentle lapping of waves and the distant calls of seabirds.

15. Ta' Qali National Park

Ta Qali


Located in the heart of Malta, Ta' Qali National Park is an oasis of green in an otherwise urban landscape. Once a British airfield during World War II, today, the park is a favourite spot for both locals and tourists. The vast expanse is dotted with vineyards, olive groves, and designated picnic areas. Children can frolic in the playgrounds while adults find solace under the shade of trees. Several pathways crisscross the park, perfect for a leisurely walk or a jog. Seasonal events, like wine festivals and agricultural fairs, often take place here, making the park a hub of activity and relaxation.

16. Wied il-Għasel



Hidden away near Mosta, Wied il-Għasel (Valley of Honey) is like a breath of fresh air for those seeking solace away from the urban cacophony. As you venture into the valley, the soft murmurs of the stream create a melodic backdrop, complemented by the rustling leaves above. The overarching trees cast dappled shadows on the ground, making it a perfect place to find a cool spot and immerse oneself in the symphony of nature.

17. Tas-Salvatur Hill, Gozo



Rising majestically above Gozo's landscape, Tas-Salvatur Hill is more than just the iconic statue of Christ that graces its peak. As you ascend, each step unveils broader panoramas of Gozo's tapestry of fields, towns, and the distant glint of the Mediterranean. Its seclusion from the typical tourist pathways ensures a serene ambiance, allowing visitors to absorb the breathtaking vistas in peace.

18. Fomm ir-Riħ

Fomm ir Rih


Off the beaten path, Fomm ir-Riħ is a testament to Malta's raw, untouched beauty. Unlike the sandy beaches that dot the island, this bay is a stretch of pebbles and boulders, lending it a wild, rugged charm. The steep descent to the beach is an adventure in itself, but the reward is a secluded spot where the sounds of nature reign supreme. The azure waters, framed by high cliffs, are often choppy, painting a dramatic seascape. Whether you're capturing its beauty through a lens or just soaking it all in, Fomm ir-Riħ is a reminder of nature's unbridled power and allure.

19. Santa Marija Caves, Comino

Santa Marija


Away from the bustling throngs of the Blue Lagoon, the Santa Marija Caves of Comino offer a more intimate encounter with nature. The shimmering turquoise waters lap against the rugged rock formations, creating secluded nooks and crannies. Sunlight dances on the water's surface, making the caves an ethereal place to unwind and connect with the natural world.

20. Victoria Lines

Vic Lines Malta


Tracing a historic path across Malta, the Victoria Lines are a journey through time and beauty. As one hikes these old fortifications, the trails open up to sweeping views of undulating countryside, punctuated by farmlands and distant coastlines. Whether you're gazing northward to the sea or south to the hinterlands, the beauty is ceaseless and ever-changing.

21. Qolla l-Bajda Battery, Gozo



Perched overlooking the serene Qbajjar Bay, the Qolla l-Bajda Battery is a window to Gozo's storied past. But beyond its historical significance, the locale serves as a tranquil viewpoint, offering panoramic scenes of the azure Mediterranean meeting the rugged Maltese coast.

22. Munxar Path, Marsaskala



Away from the bustling centres, the Munxar Path in Marsaskala is a serene coastal trail that unveils the raw beauty of Malta. As you amble along, the horizon is punctuated by dramatic cliffs, secretive caves, and the vast expanse of the sea. It's a place where each sunset feels like a private showing, painting the sky in hues of gold and crimson.

23. Armier and Little Armier Beaches


Tucked away from Mellieħa Bay's energetic vibe, the sister beaches of Armier and Little Armier provide a more subdued beach experience, especially during weekdays. Their golden sands, kissed by the gentle waves of the sea, offer an idyllic setting for those seeking a beach day without the usual throngs.

24. Għar Lapsi

Ghar Lapsi


South of the famed Ħaġar Qim temples lies Għar Lapsi, a favorite among locals. This rocky inlet, with its crystalline waters, is a diver's paradise. The natural caves and the shimmering sea form a perfect backdrop for a day of relaxation, making it a serene hideaway from the tourist hustle.

25. Forest area near Selmun Palace



A touch of woodland wonder, the area around Selmun Palace is an anomaly in Malta's typically rugged terrain. The whispering trees provide a canopy of shade, making it an ideal locale for picnics, reading, or simply lying back and listening to the chorus of nature.

Malta's Hidden Retreats: Discovering Serenity Beyond the Tourist Trail

Malta, often celebrated for its historic grandeur and vibrant beaches, holds within its embrace a plethora of hidden gems waiting to be discovered. From tranquil valleys and historic fortifications to secluded inlets and serene forested areas, the islands offer myriad spots for those seeking quiet moments of reflection or a unique chill-out experience. While its landmarks and tourist hotspots rightly draw admiration, it's these lesser-known locales that truly encapsulate Malta's undisturbed beauty. 

Venturing off the beaten path not only rewards the traveller with stunning vistas but also with the cherished moments of peace that are increasingly rare in our fast-paced world. Whether you're a local rediscovering forgotten corners or a traveller thirsty for authentic experiences, Malta's diverse landscape ensures there's a secret haven waiting just for you.

Discovering Seedz: Malta's Premier Cannabis Seed Bank

As you embark on this journey to uncover Malta's most serene and offbeat locations, it's essential to highlight a cornerstone in the Maltese cannabis community. Seedz, renowned as Malta's number one trusted cannabis seed bank, plays a pivotal role for enthusiasts and cultivators alike. Nestled in the heart of the island, Seedz is more than just a seed bank; it's a hub of knowledge, passion, and dedication to the cannabis culture in Malta.

Offering a wide variety of strains, both classic and contemporary, Seedz ensures that those who are legally cultivating their own cannabis have access to the best genetics possible. Whether you're a seasoned grower or a newbie starting your cultivation journey, Seedz offers expert guidance and the finest seeds to ensure your homegrown experience is top-notch. As you explore the hidden treasures of Malta, remember that places like Seedz are treasures in their own right, bridging the gap between tradition and modernity in the world of cannabis.


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