Understanding Autoflowering vs. Photoperiod Cannabis Seeds at Seedz

Understanding Autoflowering vs. Photoperiod Cannabis Seeds

When it comes to the cultivation of cannabis, the right choice of seed is paramount. At Seedz, we specialize in two main types of cannabis seeds: autoflowering and photoperiod seeds. These two categories have their unique characteristics, and here we'll explore them in detail, highlighting their advantages, disadvantages, and providing insights into some exclusive strains we offer.

Aspect Autoflowering Seeds Photoperiod Seeds
Growth Cycle Shorter (8-10 weeks) ✅ Longer (12-20 weeks) ❌
Yields Lower ❌ Higher ✅
Plant Size Compact (30-100 cm) ✅ Larger (can grow tall and bushy) ❌
Training Techniques Limited (topping may stunt growth) ❌ Versatile (topping, mainlining, LST) ✅
Resilience More resistant to pests and diseases ✅ May require more care against pests ❌
Potency Can lack the potency of photoperiod strains ❌ Generally more potent ✅
Light Cycle Management No need for manipulation ✅ Requires 12h (light) / 12h (dark) cycle indoors ❌
Best Suited for Small spaces, short summers, beginner growers ✅ Indoor grows, experienced growers, long summers ✅

Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

Autoflowering cannabis seeds have a fascinating origin, stemming from the Cannabis ruderalis species, known to thrive in regions with short summers and harsh climates. What sets these plants apart is their unique growth cycle that doesn't rely on light cycles to flower.

The shorter growth cycle of autoflowering plants, often completing within 8-10 weeks, is their primary advantage. It makes them ideal for growers looking for a quick turnaround. Moreover, their natural resilience against pests and diseases adds to their appeal. The fact that they don't require changes in the light cycle to induce flowering further simplifies the growing process, minimizing the risk of errors.

However, autoflowering plants are not without their challenges. They generally produce smaller yields due to their shorter growth cycle, and their rapid growth doesn't suit certain training techniques.

Two exclusive strains we have available that are worth mentioning include LA Vanilla Cake Auto by Silent Seeds, renowned for its rich flavor, and All Gas OG Auto by Humboldt, appreciated for its robustness.

Photoperiod Cannabis Seeds

Photoperiod cannabis seeds refer to traditional Cannabis sativa and indica strains that require careful management of light cycles. Unlike autoflowers, they need a 12h (light) and 12h (dark) light cycle management when cultivated indoors. For outdoor cultivation, these plants will begin flowering around specific months if in the right season.

The most significant advantage of photoperiod plants is their potential for higher yields, thanks to their longer growth cycle. They boast higher THC and CBD levels, offering a more potent experience and a wider variety of strains, flavors, aromas, and effects.

The downside to photoperiod plants is their longer growth cycle, often requiring more attention and expertise, especially when it comes to light cycle manipulation.

Among the exclusive strains at Seedz are Franco's Lemon Cheese by Green House Seeds x Strain Hunters, notable for its zest, and Zombie Bride by Ripper Seeds, celebrated for its potency and complexity.

Seedz's Verdict

Choosing between autoflowering and photoperiod cannabis seeds is a decision that should be based on your growing environment, experience, and preferences. Whether you're leaning towards the simplicity of autoflowering seeds or seeking the larger yields and potency that photoperiod seeds offer, our comprehensive Cannabis Seed Bank selection has you covered.

Our expert team is always available to help guide you to the perfect strain for your needs. Explore our wide selection, and embark on a successful cannabis cultivation journey with Seedz!

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