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Acid Dough Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Acid Dough Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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Acid Dough's remarkable traits include the abundant flower yield and the swift transition to the flowering stage. The exterior flowers may exhibit purple hues, indicative of their response to cooler climates, which is highly recommended towards the close of the flowering phase, as it enhances resin production and the final visual appeal.

The flavor profile combines a delightful balance of tart and sweet, reminiscent of a pineapple delicacy. This unique blend will surely intrigue connoisseurs from both Europe and America, as its origin deviates from traditional commercial strains.

Seed Type Photoperiod
Sativa % 80%
Indica % 20%
Flowering Time 65─70 days
Yield High
Environment Indoor or Outdoor
Taste/Flavour Sweet, Sour, Pineapple Candy
THC Content 15%─20%
Seed Genetics Queen Mother X Congo
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