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Auto Shkiper Kush Cannabis Seeds

Auto Shkiper Kush Cannabis Seeds

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Auto Shkiper Kush is a remarkable Indica-dominant strain born from Shkiper Kush and Lowryder, perfected with support from IZI. It thrives in 74-84 days, yielding up to 600 g/m^2 indoors, with a compact stature of 50-70 cm ideal for any space. Celebrated for its balanced effects and adaptability, it offers a choice between phenotypes for customized cultivation, making it a versatile pick for enthusiasts and growers alike.

Seed Type Autoflowering
Indica % Mostly Indica
Taste/Flavour Balanced, Enjoyable
THC Content Medium
Height 50-70 cm
Flowering Time 74-84 days
Yield 500-600 g/m2 (Indoor), 50-100 g/plant (Outdoor)
Seed Genetics Shkiper Kush x Lowryder
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