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Sweet Seeds

Bloody Skunk Auto Cannabis Seeds

Bloody Skunk Auto Cannabis Seeds

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Discover the enchanting fusion of skunky sweetness in Bloody Skunk Auto® by Sweet Seeds. A top-tier autoflowering marvel, this strain is the progeny of Sweet Skunk Auto and a choice variant of Red Poison Auto, boasting predominantly purple blossoms that are as visually appealing as they are fragrant.

Resembling the classic Skunk with its coniferous structure and numerous side branches, Bloody Skunk Auto® culminates in a dense, resinous main cola. As flowers mature, they become laden with aromatic resin, indicative of its deep, sweet Skunk lineage. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor cultivation, this strain promises an enchanting experience with effects ranging from happiness and stimulation to enhanced creativity, accompanied by a complex palate of skunk, sour notes, spices, and undeniable sweetness.

Seed Type Autoflowering
Sativa % 32.9%
Indica % 62.4%
Ruderalis % 4.7%
Flowering Time 8 weeks from germination
Yield Indoor: Medium
Environment Indoor/Outdoor
Taste/Flavour Skunk, Sour, Spices, Sweet
THC Content 15%-20%
CBD Content 1.0%
Height 60-110 cm
Seed Genetics Sweet Skunk Auto® x Red Poison Auto®
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