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Mephisto Genetics

Double Grape Auto Cannabis Seeds

Double Grape Auto Cannabis Seeds

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Double Grape is a delight to cultivate, characterized by its ease of growth and maintenance. Renowned for its frosty, oily buds, this strain offers robust vigor and a naturally bushy growth pattern. It responds exceptionally well to low-stress training and other cultivation techniques. With a moderate flowering period of 65-70 days, Double Grape is a standout in any collection, providing a satisfying growing experience and a potent final product.

Genetics Sour Stomper x Grape Crinkle
Cannabis Type Feminized Autoflower
Indica / Sativa / CBD Indica Dominant Hybrid
Flowering Time 65 – 75 days
Yield 90 – 140 grams
Terpene Profile Strong complex aroma, blending sweet and sour, grapes and gas. Deep rich red grape to sweeter grape pop.
Extracts Perfect extract candidate – Very High in resin, oil and terps.
Medicinal Effects Great for aches, pains, sleep and appetite stimulation.
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