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Seedz MT

Seedz Custom Rolling Papers

Seedz Custom Rolling Papers

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V2 coming soon.


Get your Limited Edition custom Seedz Magnetic Maxi Papers Pack with Rolling Tray!

From the Heart of Malta: Our Commitment to Excellence from Seed to Smoke - Step into the world of Malta's leading cannabis seed bank. Cultivate your seeds, watch them flourish, and then wrap them up in our premium rolling papers. Every puff embodies our promise of quality, ensuring a unique smoking experience.


  • 32 leaves per booklet
  • 32 Filter leaves per booklet
  • KING SIZE /slim/ size 108×44 mm
  • Ultrathin, slowburn, arabicgum

Booklet Dimensions

  • Length = 111 mm
  • Width = 53 mm
  • Depth = 5 mm
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