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California Indica Feminised Cannabis Seeds

California Indica Feminised Cannabis Seeds

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California Indica Feminized is a hybrid strain (35% sativa, 65% indica) boasting a unique orange-dominant citrus flavour paired with the taste of warm hashish. A result of combining robust Orange Bud with our Northern Lights #1 x Hash Plant strain, it offers plentiful yield and resin production.

The buds from this compact plant, which flowers quickly and grows between 100 to 150% in an indoor environment during the 7 to 8-week flowering stage, are thick and exude a strong orange hue when dried. Suitable for warm, continental climates, advanced cultivation methods can augment yield potential. The effect of California Indica Feminized is a balanced mixture of sativa and indica qualities, offering a relaxing yet cerebral high.

Seed Type Photoperiod
Sativa % 35%
Indica % 65%
Flowering Time 9 - 10 Weeks
Yield Medium
Environment Indoor or Outdoor
Taste/Flavour Incense, Lemon, Kush
THC Content 15%─20%
Seed Genetics Orange Bud x Afghani Hash Plant
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