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Sensi Seeds

Sensi Skunk Auto Feminised Seeds

Sensi Skunk Auto Feminised Seeds

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Sensi Skunk Feminized by Sensi Seeds distinguishes itself with a citrus aroma, deviating from the typical skunk strains while retaining the strong growth and high yields associated with them. This strain, dominantly Indica, demonstrates the wonderful potential of hybrids, showcasing robust and uniform growth, manageable height, and a relatively short flowering phase of 45 to 50 days. Breeding began with a Skunk #1 crossed with a sweet mother plant, resulting in a cannabis plant that thrives indoors under artificial light and outdoors in moderate climates.

Notably effortless to grow, its short flowering time, resilience, and dense, sturdy buds make it popular amongst cultivators. Sensi Skunk Feminized is well-suited for Sea of Green (SOG) growing method and those favoring a heavy central cola could try the Lollipopping method. Once harvested and dried, expect large resin-covered buds providing a relaxed, soothing high, boasting a potent but not overly strong effect. The sweet citrusy flavor brings in a refreshing note, contrasting the traditional earthy Skunk flavour.

Seed Type Photopeiod
Sativa % 20%
Indica % 80%
Flowering Time 45-50 days
Yield High
Environment Indoor/Outdoor
Taste/Flavour Sweet, Citrus
THC Content 15%
Seed Genetics Skunk #1 x Unknown Sweet Mother x Ruderalis
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