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Serious Seeds

Serious Six Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Serious Six Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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Discover the allure of Serious 6, a Sativa-dominant hybrid from Serious Seeds, now available in Malta exclusively at A blend of Canadian and African Landrace Sativa strains, this fast-flowering plant offers abundant, resin-rich buds with minimal leaves, making it effortless to grow for novices and experts alike. Thriving in Malta's Mediterranean climate, Serious 6 adapts well to both indoor and outdoor settings and shows strong resistance to moisture and pests.

Watch it take on captivating pink/violet hues in colder nights. Indulge in its intense, long-lasting cerebral effects, complemented by a complex aroma and flavor profile featuring lemon, pine, incense, and spices. Serious 6 is the perfect companion for lively, stimulating experiences.

Seed Type Photoperiod
Sativa % 80%
Indica % 20%
Flowering Time 56 days
Yield Medium to High
Environment Thrives in Outdoor
Taste/Flavour Lemon, Pine Wood, Incense, Spices
THC Content 15%-20%
Seed Genetics African Sativa Landrace x Canadian Genetics
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