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Skywalker OG Runtz XL Auto Feminised Seeds

Skywalker OG Runtz XL Auto Feminised Seeds

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Skywalker OG Runtz XL Auto® (SWS97), a 7th Generation autoflowering strain, is a stellar addition to any cannabis enthusiast's collection. This variant is a skillfully engineered autoflowering version of the beloved Skywalker OG (OG Kush x Skywalker), a predominantly Indica strain cherished on the US West Coast for its robust performance and high yields. The inclusion of Runtz XL Auto® genetics (Runtz x Sweet Gelato Auto®) enhances its autoflowering capabilities while maintaining its distinguished qualities.

This strain stands out for its extraordinary productivity and resinous output. This combination harkens to the Diesel and OG Kush families but with a sweeter, more nuanced undertone. The plants mature swiftly, ready for harvest within 8 weeks from germination, and grow to a moderate height, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation. The effects of Skywalker OG Runtz XL Auto® are as impressive as its flavor, offering a blend of creativity, stimulation, and relaxation, perfect for those seeking a versatile and enjoyable cannabis experience.

Seed Type Autoflowering
Sativa % 36.3%
Indica % 63.5%
Ruderalis % 0.2%
Flowering Time 8 weeks from germination
Yield Medium - High
Environment Indoor/Outdoor
Taste/Flavour Sweet, Fruity, Cypress, Spices, Earthy
THC Content 18%-21%
CBD Content 0.2%
Height 60-120 cm
Seed Genetics OG Kush x Skywalker x Runtz XL Auto®
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