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Mephisto Genetics

Super Orange Haze Auto Cannabis Seeds

Super Orange Haze Auto Cannabis Seeds

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Super Orange Haze Auto by Mephisto Genetics is a dynamic Sativa-dominant hybrid, blending the famous Super Lemon Haze BCN cut with S.O.D.K F5. As a 75% Sativa, this auto-flowering strain flourishes over an 80-day cycle, potentially yielding up to 150g per plant. Characterized by a robust central cola and minimal branching, its leaves start dark and broad, then lighten and narrow as it matures, revealing its Sativa heritage. This strain promises a complex terpene profile with notes of lemon, spice, and sweet-and-sour elements, leading to a mood-enhancing yet potent effect. Ideal for combating stress or depression where legal, Super Orange Haze Auto is also noted for its excellent resin production, making it a top choice for extraction enthusiasts.

Seed Type F4 Feminised Automatic
Indica/Sativa 25% Indica / 75% Sativa
Taste/Flavour Lemon, Spicy, Sweet and Sour
THC Content High
Height Medium
Cycle Time 80 days from sprout
Yield Up to 150 grams per plant
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